Dust, Fumes, Paint, Gasses , Heat ,Bakery, Lazer cutting fumes.

Available in floor mount plenum box systems( Full filtered front) , Upward or rear extraction . Upright 3 sided filter systems .Portable units on wheels with flexi ducting . Any size can be manufactured .Low/med to high volume extractors . Standard paint filtration 98% efficiency filters / dust filtration / fume filtration (Active Carbon filters) . Units can be designed with primary / secondary and final filter systems -triple filtered . Over 300 different designs.

Blowers can be added to aide airflow and provide fresh air.

Wall mount high volume industrial oscillating fans . 750mm diameter . 220/380v options.

Flush in wall mount high volume extractors with self closing louvres . 220/380v .Up to 44000m3/h airflow.